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Fitting Guide

General Fitting Guide - Please read prior to fitting your stickers

Cleaning & Preparation.

Clean and prepare the surface* by wiping clean using either Isopropyl or Methylated Spirits with a lint free cloth or a microfibre cloth, 'this step is essential'.**

These cleaning products will prepare the surface by removing any polish, grease, dirt or dust from the surface and then completely evaporate away leaving no trace chemical residues behind, thus leaving the surface ideal for vinyl graphic application.

If you do not follow this step, the sticker could come away from the surface on the removal of the clear application tape or begin to lift from the surface shortly after you have fitted and applied the sticker.

We do not recommend the use of any alternative cleaning products, methylated spirits and isopropyl can be purchased from any major DIY store and can be kept for any future stickers and decals you may wish to fit.

Now please ensure the surface is dry (please allow to dry naturally or use a lint free cloth to dry the surface area)

Fitting & Positioning.

Turn the sticker face down with the backing paper visible, 'slowly' peel back the white / blue backing paper, leaving the sticker attached to the clear application tape below.

If you find the sticker is not sticking to the application tape, apply some pressure over the clear tape with either a squeegee, debit card or by using your thumb to push down over the sticker, the application tape will protect sticker whilst doing this.

This will leave the sticker mounted to the ‘clear’ application tape, position the sticker on the surface it’s going to be mounted to. Be careful here to align sticker correctly, as you’ll only have one chance to position the sticker to how you would like it.

Removal of the Clear Application Tape.

Once positioned smooth over the sticker still attached to the clear application tape with a squeegee, if you don’t have a squeegee, a debit card will be fine. You will need to ensure the sticker is properly bonded to the glass / surface. You can apply a fair amount of pressure as the application tape will protect the sticker.

‘Carefully’ begin to remove the clear application tape. Slowly pull back on the application tape from top right to bottom left to remove it.

If any of the sticker comes away still attached to the application tape, push back down and smooth over again to ensure the sticker is properly bonded before carrying on with removing the application tape.

Finished Product.

This should now leave you with your sticker fixed in place on the surface you have mounted it to. If you should have any air bubbles in the sticker, pop with a pin and carefully work out the air, take care here not to damage your sticker.

*If you are fitting your sticker to any other surface than glass or car bodywork, please ensure you carry out a small test clean in an inconspicuous area to ensure the surface is not affected that you are applying the sticker on to.

**Methylated spirits or Isopropyl should NOT be used to clean hand painted surfaces. Please ensure the surface is clean, free of any grease, dirt or dust by wiping clean with a wet lint free cloth. You can allow the surface to dry naturally or use another lint free cloth to dry off the surface before applying the sticker.

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